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Urban life overflows with stimulating movements and sensual shifts. Motion becomes a familiar friend, an intimate companion. This playlist adds more excitement and groove to this day-to-day bustle. Opening with some steady beats of the drum and swift strums of the guitar, Cinema’s ‘Sem Teto’ illuminates the difficulty of staying still in a world where we’re always looking towards what’s next. In his irresistibly groovy track ‘Gentle Persuasion,’ Doug Hream Blunt sings of the thrill of seeing someone waltz down the road like nobody’s watching. The experimental and transformative noises of Arca’s ‘2 Blunted’ invite you to move your body however you wish, and urge you to let loose as Arca asks: ‘Higher, won’t you climb higher?’.
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 Sem Teto - Cinema
  • 02 Gentle Persuasion - Doug Hream Blunt
  • 03 Tchèrèqa - Menelik Wèsnatchèw
  • 04 The All of Everything - Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra
  • 05 Aye Dem'aa Hozen... La (excerpt) - Abdel Halim Hafez
  • 06 Reida - The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo
  • 07 Seth (excerpt) - Klaus Schulze
  • 08 Tropical Manflu - Basil Neptune
  • 09 2 Blunted - Arca
  • 10 Helelyos - Zia
  • 11 Raga Bhairav - Charanjit Singh
  • 12 Zanmi Camarade - Claudette et Ti Pierre
  • 13 Sand Part 2 (excerpt) - Ragnar Grippe
  • 14 White Roads - Hassle Hound