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Take a tranquil break in hidden corners of the city and wander away, just for a moment, from the blaring energy of urban streets. We can relax, rest snug on a bench with our thighs brushing against each other – by accident at first, on purpose every time after that – and notice the innate sounds of nature; the melody of the birds chirping, the rhythm of the wind blowing and the tempo of our breaths slowly synchronising. This playlist reveals the warmth of human presence and the excitement of realising that our conversations can turn into delightful songs. To initiate our auditory appreciation of everyday sceneries in the city, Uniting Of Opposites’ ‘Bird Solo’ combines familiar sounds of nature with sporadic strums of the guitar. Closing off with Harumi’s ‘Samurai Memories,’ you hear a dog bark and a family ramble on about their lives in the background of a jazzy instrumental track, sprinkling in some boogie to the mundane.
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 Bird Solo - Uniting of Opposites
  • 02 Bulan Dagoan - Orkes Teruna Ria
  • 03 Tender is the Guitar - Michael Hurley
  • 04 Lavés àl la Machine - Etron Fou Leloublan
  • 05 Mo Boma (Central Africa Republic) - Aka Children
  • 06 Hijaz - Solah (@jambes Brussels)
  • 07 Sandokan - Blops
  • 08 Bas Schevers - October 12, 2023
  • 09 00:02:15:00 - Farida Amadou
  • 10 Docklands Yaumatei Plum Garden - Love Theme
  • 11 Milky Drops from Heaven  - Jonny Greenwood
  • 12 Frayeur - Horrific Child
  • 13 Samurai Memories - Harumi