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Starting afresh can be daunting, yet dazzlingly fulfilling. Whether you’re waking up to a new day, watching the sun rise softly from your window or sensing a new season brewing as the streets buzz louder and days get longer, the astonishing possibilities of fresh beginnings are undoubtedly liberating. This playlist entertains these promises of new beginnings, of the birth of brand-new excitement. The upbeat tempo of drums and cheery guitar in Minimal Compact’s instrumental gets your precious heart pumping the way it does when you first spot that special someone in a late-night crowd. And as the following dawn arrives, our minds and bodies can be calmly cleansed, for David Sylvian tenderly sings: ‘When morning bells rang out, my heart grew clear, upon this fleeting dream-world dawn is waking.’ Approaching the unknown with those you love can gently subside your fear as White Light affirms, affectionately singing: ‘please row me / To another place, another world and show me / How nice it can be to see a new country rising.’
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 Statik Dancin' (instrumental) - Minimal Compact
  • 02 Sei ruhig, Fließbandbaby - Floh de Cologne
  • 03 Bottles - Moontribe
  • 04 Throughout the Frosty Night - Twinkle3 ft David Sylvian and Kazuko Hohki
  • 05 Searching for Mister Right - Young Marble Giants
  • 06 I Want You To Know Me - White Light
  • 07 My - Ernesto Diaz-Infante
  • 08 The Hut at Cape Evans - Dane Law
  • 09 Hidas Muutos - Hertsi
  • 10 Dias Dias Dias - Augusto de Campos
  • 11 Mirage Man - Diana Rogerson
  • 12 Nothing is Destroyed - Negativland
  • 13 Thriller - Ruth