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Alone, taking the long way home to explore the hidden paths of the city, solitude can be alluring. Perhaps you feel relieved to have the last gentle hours of the day dedicated to yourself, or you realise the importance of having others by your side. This playlist considers the possibilities of being on your own, of the revelations that uncover themselves when we spend tender time with no one but ourselves. If someone breaks your heart, you might ask them to leave you be, as Fleetwood Mac sings: ‘if you can’t love me tomorrow / Please leave me now in my room to cry.’ Or maybe you’re doing like Douglas Dare, who contemplates the possibility of retreating into yourself, to ‘Set out on a path / Without a map.’ Linda Perhacs hints at her desire to be alone, but to be alone together, repeatedly singing: ‘Come away and follow me.’
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 Le Chemin des Larmes (excerpt) - Eric Andersen
  • 02 Heyr Himnasmiaur - Hildur Guðnadóttir
  • 03 Teresa, Lark of Ascension - Broadcast
  • 04 Plastic Raincoat - Cindy Lee
  • 05 Le Chemin des Larmes (excerpt) - Eric Andersen
  • 06 The Edge - Douglas Dare
  • 07 Tokyo Photograph - Richard Youngs
  • 08 Love that Burns - Fleetwood Mac
  • 09 The Experience of Swimming - Japan
  • 10 String Quartet No. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 131, "VI. Adagio quasi un poco andante" - Takacs Quartet, Ludwig van Beethoven
  • 11 Le Chemin des Larmes (excerpt) - Eric Andersen
  • 12 Call of the River - Linda Perhacs
  • 13 Sobbin' Blues - King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • 14 Hällilaul - Collage