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Embrace the sublime ambience, immerse yourself in the frequencies and let the mystical allure. This playlist invites you to escape into a realm where the ethereal meets the earthly. Dive deep into the magical melodies of Klare-Lis Coverdale’s ‘Undo’ and Maris x Haerens x Lootens’ ‘Opkomst,’ where bells play and tones dance with rhythms of the unknown. Let Daniel W. Schmidt and the Berkeley Gamelan Ensemble’s ‘And the Darkest Hour Is Just Before the Dawn’ transport you to an ominous yet mesmerising dimension with sounds reminiscent of an old radio station echoing through time. As you journey through the sonic landscapes, Benjamin Lew and Steven Brown’s ‘Aveugle Depuis’ guides you through a transcendent, church-like atmosphere. Finally, Angélica Salvi’s ‘Nan’ will be your peaceful exit from this enchanting journey.
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 Undo - Klare-Lis Coverdale
  • 02 Opkomst - Maris x Haerens x Lootens
  • 03 And Tthe Darkest Hour is just before Dawn (Studio Recording) - Daniel W. Schmidt and the Berkeley Gamelan Ensemble
  • 04 Hear de Lam's a-Cryin' - Marian Anderson
  • 05 Kasveille - Juho Toivonen
  • 06 Passage through the Spheres - Kali Malone
  • 07 Aveugle Depuis - Benjamin Lew, Steven Brown
  • 08 Exit - Maris x Haerens x Lootens
  • 09 Nan - Angélica Salvi