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Do you think time can be felt in its passing, seen in its movement or heard in its ticking? Almost as if you can tenderly grasp a moment and hold it softly to make it your own. This playlist encourages an unexpected yet intimate interaction with time, confronting its gracefully familiar presence in our lives. Beginning with what sounds like careful footsteps, Uri Katzenstein’s ‘We Are Waiting’ emulates the sound of anticipation, of the unusual thrill you feel in time spent waiting. Combining her voice, guitar and electronic production, Kee Avil creates alluring sounds, capturing a trance-like state while gently singing: ‘I’ve seen time / Time again, we were told / Don’t feed me / Don’t feed ice to the cold.’ The propulsive melody of the tuba, saxophone and clarinet in Sons of Kemet’s ‘The Hour of Judgement’ exudes the ever-changing momentum of time, of how an hour can fly by in a delicate heartbeat or linger until it steadily slips from your fingertips.
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 We Are Waiting - Uri Katzenstein
  • 02 Tambo Mackay - Lost Gringos
  • 03 Katmandu - Piero Piccioni
  • 04 HHHH - Kee Avil
  • 05 Wayne Hayes Blues - Jill Kroesen
  • 06 Ir Himinn, Groœn - Kristoffer Svensson
  • 07 Prods the Fire with a Bone, Rolls over with a Snake (excerpt) - Širom
  • 08 Refrain (A Shortness of Breath) - Lea Bertucci
  • 09 Bre, Petrunko - Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble
  • 10 Jeu de Langues (excerpt) - Robert Normandeau
  • 11 Narwhal - Pram
  • 12 The Hour of Judgement - Sons of Kemet
  • 13 Flor Lilas - Luli Lucinha e o Bando