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Building to an almighty climax, Yellow Magic Orchestra’s ‘Loom’ opens with a two-minute ascending melody. In music, this phrase is called a “Shepard’s Tone,” a kind of auditory illusion whereby octaves are overlaid, giving a sense of rising higher and higher. So, up, up, up, we climb into the heavenly notes of William Sheller’s chanson, whose 1972 album Lux Aeterna was composed as a wedding gift for dear friends. Ryoji Ikeda, in homage to Japan’s “Dumb Type” art collective, speak-sings spoken-word poetry. The gentleness of the lyrics caress his poignant piano chords, lingering like a delicious taste on the tongue: “Kiss me, Kiss me. Keep on seducing me. Free at Last.”
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 Loom - Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • 02 Introït - William Sheller
  • 03 Where Is Yesterday - The United States of America
  • 04 Theatre of Nature - Anna von Hausswolff
  • 05 Berceuse - Ilous and Decuyper
  • 06 Meu Mar - Erasmo Carlos
  • 07 Garden Botanum - These Trails
  • 08 Rengaine à Pleurer - Edgardo Cantón
  • 09 Weaver II - Søren Kjærgaard
  • 10 Forest of Memories - Ryoji Ikeda (Dumb Type)
  • 11 On a Slow Fuse - Furniture
  • 12 Vacíar - Nicolas Jaar
  • 13 The Nothing of Roselight (edit) - Jon Hassell, Rick Cox and Luke Schwartz
  • 14 Cristo Redentor - Harvey Mandel