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Do you ever sit on your windowsill, stare out into the bustling city streets and wonder where everyone is going? The excitement of imagining the places they need to be or the people they need to see is certainly arousing. This playlist provokes you to draw up storylines, to fill in the blanks with your seductive ideas and fantasies. Beginning with the delightful sounds of the piano in William Basinski and Janek Schaefer’s ‘. . . on reflection (one)’, you’ll be eased into a dreamy, unknown world. The ethereal voices in Zdeněk Liška’s ‘The Song of the Siren’ will push you deeper into your imagination, leading you to secret, pleasant corners of your brain. Concluding with the soft yet distinct sounds of ‘Optigan boogie / Orthodox service, Mykonos / water splash’ by Katrina Niebergal and Bergur Anderson, you’ll find yourself humming along and subconsciously making up lyrics to the fluid melodies.
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 . . . On Reflection (One) - William Basinski and Janek Schaefer
  • 02 Do the Bathosphere - David Toop
  • 03 Mirror - Minwhee Lee
  • 04 The Member of the Ensemble / Bo Ngai Van Công (Folk Song #2) - Y Tham and A Hiêu
  • 05 Those Spots upon my Lady's Face - Melora Creager
  • 06 Kalahari - The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo
  • 07 Doppelgänger Variations - Disinformation, Savion Glover
  • 08 The Song of the Siren (Song) - Zdenek Liska
  • 09 Boat Woman Song - Holger Czukay
  • 10 Stikling - Blue Lake
  • 11 Tabachaniotiko - Estudiantina Smyrniote
  • 12 Optigan boogie / Orthodox service, Mykonos / water splash - Katrina Niebergal and Bergur Anderson