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There is a sensuality to water. Fluid, ebbing and oscillating, its transitory nature mirrors the sensations of desire. This playlist resonates with watery erotics; with wetness and liquidity. Like a river, flowing through the city and out to the sea, Alexandra Spence’s fifteen-minute long track meanders on, capturing the currents of longing and liquid fantasies. OHYUNG’s ‘yes my weeping frame!’ is as tranquil as a gentle stream, its oozing melody composed of lightly plunked piano keys. The opera singer, who dips her toes in experimental composition, Olivia Salvadori unleashes waves of vocals, reverberating over and over. A wander along the harbour, plucking lengths of kelp from the shore, hand in hand with a lover, Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples’ voice is a gravelly-toned delight. He sings of offering his love like a pebble in an outstretched palm: ‘Would you prefer a stone that I chose for you? That lay on a beach… Feeling young and tense / The city had to swallow mine for you.’
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 a veil (excerpt) - Alexandra Spence
  • 02 Pічка Bтома (Tired River) - Няньо, ГиHepв & Таран (Nianio, GeeNerve & Taran)
  • 03 An Invisible Ode - Olivia Salvadori
  • 04 Music for 18 Musicians, Sections IV-VI (excerpt) - Steve Reich
  • 05 Strotha Tynhe - Aphex Twin
  • 06 Link 1 - Ismo Laakso
  • 07 yes my weeping frame! - OHYUNG
  • 08 Seaweed - Tindersticks
  • 09 a veil (excerpt) - Alexandra Spence