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Click! A tape recorder whirls into life, its intricate ribbons and cogs stirring sumptuously. Can I push your buttons, baby? Skipping a beat before bounding back, The Tape Beatles sample ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, the song’s iconic guitar riffs looping over and over. Hariprasad Chaurasia’s bansuri flute shimmers like a mirage on the horizon, his mystical raga repetitions dovetailing with Miyako Koda’s spoken word. Her gentle voice recites in both Japanese and English: “Full of love, a sea of love. Never forget this is why we all are here. We are all one.” To sign off, Janek Schaefer performs a romantic music box melody dedicated to Robert Wyatt. His track ‘Round in Circles’ opens with the words: “Your wish is my command…”
Playlist by: Loes Verstappen

  • 01 Danses Organiques - Luc Ferrari
  • 02 Concrete Dub - Dean Hurley
  • 03 The Beacon - Lea Bertucci
  • 04 Beautifully Formed - Josie Perry
  • 05 Now On - Pierre Bastien
  • 06 Grave Implications - The Tape-Beatles
  • 07 Nouvelles du Bardo - Èlg
  • 08 Raga Chandrakauns - Hariprasad Chaurasia
  • 09 A Sea of Love - Miyako Koda
  • 10 Closer - Princess Diana of Wales
  • 11 Komposition n°2 - Anna-Maria Hefele
  • 12 Round in Circles - Janek Schaefer [for Robert Wyatt]