Protagonist of the Erotic

Commissioned erotic short stories for a generation to express a new, intimate vocabulary for the city. Written by emerging and established literary authors, poets and playwrights. Narrated by actor Thomas Dudkiewicz.


by Julius Reynders


By The Pond
by Charlotte Van den Broeck


by Mischa Andriessen


Lara Croft Fucks a Mercenary
by Maxime Garcia Diaz


Shadowland and Melon Plant
by Joost Oomen


I Could Hunt You Down Like a Shark
by Saskia De Coster


Gianna In Arcadia
by Gustaaf Peek


Touch of My Hand
by Dominique De Groen


Behind The Wall
by Johan Fretz


Adieu, Westcord
by Hannah van Binsbergen


by Niña Weijers


Unspeakable Hours
by Mia You


Exit 22
by Maartje Wortel


by Maurits de Bruijn


Systemic Breakdown
by Kira Wuck


High-Tech Eroticism
by Elfie Tromp


by Daniel Rovers


Her Man Is Out
by Marijke Schermer


La Bamba
by Astrid  H.  Roemer


A Reconstruction
by Alfred Schaffer


Crazy Eyes
by Alma Mathijsen


History Reveals Itself In What Is Repeated
by Elvis Peeters


Off The Cuff
by Selin Kusçu


Hotel Le Jardin
by Mensje van Keulen


A Body, As Such
by Daniël Vis


by Don Duyns


Taking The Comfortable Lift
by Persis Bekkering


Van Oorschot
by Gerbrand Bakker


by Karin Amatmoekrim