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A few years back, I had a student job working for Pallas publishers, who had a deal with an art gallery. One evening, an exhibition opened with a…

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Laure Prouvost on Seduction, Language, and Bodily Provocations

On a hot day in Antwerp I climbed to the top of an imposing block; the heat rose with me. At the fourth floor, I was led past two enormous…


Kati Heck

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Viviane De Muynck on the Sensuality of Embracing Death and Passionate Mourning

A summer evening in the south of Antwerp. The actress is waiting for me under an awning out on the terrace. She is smartly dressed and possesses a clear…

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Veronique Branquinho on Gravelly Voices, Watching People As a Pastime and Her New Enchanting Ready-to-wear Collection

Veronique Branquinho rose to fame in the late nineties with designs that offer an elegant attitude to daily wear, adding a touch of nighttime grace. With an eye for detail,…