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Who thinks it’s easy to be an ethical slut? Martin Rombouts shakes the sheets, and gossips pour out, wrinkle upside down, and twinkle. Questioning whether love is possible without the fantasy of ownership, Martin recounts the sexual game of calling himself Ken and his lover Barbie. If dolls are meant to project, distort, and sublimate our fantasies, feelings grow up unleashed and raw. This episode shows how Barbie is not solely a movie but a phenomenon that reflects on childhood memories, beauty standards, and perceptions of love. Follow Martin’s exploration of dating life, jumping from light-hearted banter and sexy playfulness to exploring love oddities at their very core.

Written by Martin Rombouts. Introduction and outro voiced by Johnny Vivash. Editing and sound design by Tobias Withers. Artwork by Karel Martens. Curated by Justine Gensse. Produced by the Extra Extra team.