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26 October, 27 October, WORM, Rotterdam

04 December, 12:00-12:30 CET,, London

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From a/z and back again

A devoted wink to our lovely contributors who reveal their inspirations and seductive anecdotes

Alasdair Gray

“No nation could exist without the sex drive, also widely known as love.”

Charles Usher

“Like so much else of Seoul's sexuality, though, to see it you have to know when and where to look.”

Mircea Cartarescu

“Nocturnal Bucharest filled my window, pouring inside and reaching into my body.”

Catherine Breillat

“I have to desire him. I have to like him; I have to want him in order for it to come across in the film. With this character, I was absolutely overwhelmed by him and constantly surprised by him...”
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