Long Read Interview

Sylvie Kreusch on Heartbreak, Finding a Voice of Her Own and the Pleasure of Order and Tidiness

Some musicians know, deep down inside, that they would like to record a solo album one day. It’s just about seizing the right moment and taking the leap to…

Long Read Interview

Milo Rau on Reconstruction, Deliverance and Bearing Witness

The work of the prolific Swiss theatre director Milo Rau is best known for its un-apologetically political, often controversial content. In his performances and films he searches out the…

Short Story


When his seemingly last kink was no longer a kick, A realised he was going to die. Not in the sense that his warm flesh was truly in danger…

Short Story


Lizzy picks an indefinable chunk of food out of the plughole. It puts her in an incredibly bad mood. Instant depression, in fact. She and Enkidu had a big…


Identity, Mind-Body and Acceleration

  Years ago I was dressing for my first job interview as a lecturer. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, scrutinising the tight skirt, three-inch heels and…

Short Story

TOUCH OF MY HAND   I put in the earbuds and the park sways along on the waves of Autoplay. After a few minutes, the pumping techno track…

Short Story

LA BAMBA   I’ve been travelling for three hours to reach you. The taxi comes to a halt. You’re standing in the doorway of your flat.