Extra Extra Radio Show #8 at NTS

10 September, 12:30-13:00 (CET) , www.nts.live


Welcome, friends, to Extra Extra Radio, with me, Michael, your host, guide, and favourite hallucination. Today, we have .... we have an apology to make. Such has our passionate commitment been to documenting our concupiscent conurbation, that we have overlooked our advertising clients. Due to a programming mishap over the past seven episodes, we have forgotten to run any of the commercials that were booked for our show. Extra Extra Radio’s Department of Legal Affairs has informed us that we are contractually bound to run all these advertisements before the season ends. So, with this advice in mind, we will be dedicating this episode to catching up on our sales contracts and broadcasting all our advertisements in one go. Commercials that pour coffee over you in bed. Commercials that slap you around the face when you're not looking. Commercials that sell you an AI-fuelled, consolidated romantic partnership with your favourite brand of hot sauce. What an absolute smorgasbord of sumptuous deals and products we have lined up. So, let's stop kicking this empty can of spaghetti down the road and get on with the show! The show is written and performed by Dan Fox and Michael Portnoy in close collaboration with Loes Verstappen who selected the music, and Monte Masi. Voice acting by Dan Fox, Monique Moses, Monte Masi, Michael Portnoy, Loveday Smith and Johnny Vivash. Drawings by Fiona Lutjenhuis.