Extra Extra Radio Night Audio Stream 3/3

25 October, online

Even in the last four hours of the 12-hour programme, the energy at King Kong Hostel and WORM remains high and ecstatic. Thanks to the dynamic sounds of DJs 20 Uñas and Nicolini that never fail to fire up the dance floor, the Extra Extra Live Radio Night concludes with the same amount of excitement it started with. A fascinating conversation takes place between curator Defne Ayas and artist Ana Prvacki about Ana’s collection of erotic Japanese prints called Shunga. Writer Abdelkader Benali interviews fellow writers Babah Tarawally and Maureen Ghazal, as well as fellow Rotterdammer Stacii Samidin about his photography. Together with our host Cesar Majorana, we take a trip to the Pleasure Bingo room for an alluring game of bingo with De STU, and make a pit stop at the Performative Reading room for a sizzling live reading by actor Thomas Dudkiewicz. To end the 12-hour non-stop broadcast, Cesar interviews radio presenter Pieter van der Wielen in the company of some fine wine, which you should also pour yourself a glass of as you soak up this dazzlingly eventful programme.