Issue No 21


Behind the firm squeeze of a leather-clad hand, issue 21 of Extra Extra awaits. Inside, we embrace the sounds of the city with director Ryusuke Hamaguchi, who speaks with curator Julian Ross about the sensory experience of language and the voice as a crucial transmitter of feeling. Curator Natasha Hoare delves into the spectacular world of artist Pipilotti Rist, where sensation is central and joy is a radical driving force. In our recurring feature ‘The Protagonist of the Erotic,’ writer Elianna Kan whirlwinds us through the oeuvre of iconic filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. In this grotesque and bodily carnival, we are confronted with an unwavering lust for life. And we explore a different, steamy kind of lust in our eight new blazingly erotic short stories.

Architecture editor Nick Axel hears from Markus Bader of Raumlabor, a group building relations just as much as structures, creating spaces where collective imagining can thrive. We follow curator Christina Li through the humid, salty and neon-lit streets of Hong Kong, while writer Sharyfah Bhageloe treats us to a sumptuous selection of mouthwatering food in ‘News From Home,’ fusing flavour and pleasure into bite-sized encounters. Also in this issue, Cesar Majorana muses on flavour and body in the world of wine and Yelena Moskovich studies the figure-kissing catsuit, all amidst the spellbinding works of Tom Hsu, Jodi Bieber, Paul Kooiker and Aysen Kaptanoglu.