Issue No 20


Issue 20 of Extra Extra slinks about in the in-between. Choreographer and dancer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui moves with feeling and follows the senses in conversation with Judith Vrancken. Alice Diop discusses her first fiction feature Saint Omer with Nicholas Elliott, sharing the view behind her lens as she zooms in on skin, bodies and the defiant potential of sensuality. Our recurring feature The Protagonist of the Erotic is devoted to the iconic oeuvre of poet Anne Carson, as Canan Marasligil explores the delicious position she takes at the boundary.

We feature the commissioned essay ‘Sensuous Senescence’ by philosopher Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, while Sam Steverlynck talks with musician Sylvie Kreusch in a squatted flat in Ghent. All of this is enveloped inside a cover graced by the work of Salman Toor, whose paintings we are proud to present in a portfolio feature. Also in issue 20 are eight erotic short stories along with words and works by Michael Portnoy, Priscila Fernandes, Rory Pilgrim and many, many more.