Issue No 17


Biting into papaya fruit, Extra Extra nº17 is ripe with deliciousness. There’s a brand new essay, The Protagonist of the Erotic, in which Nicholas Elliott explores the libidinal oeuvre of David Cronenberg. Find interviews with the artist of mythic landscapes, Michael Armitage by Kashif Sharma-Patel, author of Reverse Cowgirl, McKenzie Wark by Hans Demeyer, filmmaker Amat Escalante by Caitlin Quinlan, and riotously colourful designer Bethan Laura Wood by Fatos Üstek. Ponder OOO with celebrated theorist Graham Harman, while Dan Fox shares a few of his love letters. Have your ears kissed by sweltering erotic short stories. Or plunge deep into the Hong Rover in Nam Thi’s URBEX on Hanoi, coming face to face with fierce, thousand-year-old lust.
Also in the issue is Tina Barney’s iconic series of nudes and a unique, 16-page commission titled ‘Bathing into being’ by Aliki van der Kruijs.