Nightwalker #10 Paola Antonelli – New York

15 May, Online

In this episode of Night Walker, Paola Antonelli saunters from her chilled office at the Museum of Modern Art — where she has worked since 1994 — into the sweaty hug of New York’s sweltering summer. Antonelli is the Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design, as well as MoMA’s founding Director of Research and Development. Named one of the 25 most incisive design visionaries in the world by TIME magazine, her exhibitions, lectures, and writings contemplate design’s intersection and interaction with other fields (from technology and biology to popular culture) and with life—that of individuals, communities, all species, and all planets. Join her for an intimate stroll through streets of the Big Apple, as the Italian-born Paola follows her nose through the olfactory landscape of the city she now calls home.