Inspiration Session III: Public Values in the Digital Landscape

29 June, 19:30-21:00 Eendrachtsweg 50, Rotterdam

By prioritizing ease of use and efficiency, the online world has become increasingly rooted in the public domain,
putting pressure on the autonomy of the domain. Professor Dr. José van Dijck (University Utrecht) argues that there
is a lack of public alternatives and advocates for putting public values at the centre of the further development
of digital infrastructure. A public sector such as education, as well as culture, should be able to run on public
services developed based on public values.

Van Dijck highlights the urgency of an alternative to the dominant
frameworks of a market-driven ideology, as we know it from the United States, versus state control, which is
strongly associated with China – frameworks that in a certain way have intertwined and prioritize market interests
over ideological differences. For the formation of an alternative digital infrastructure, there seems to be a role
for Europe. What role can cultural producers and institutions play programmatically in this?
And based on what public values can the alternative be formulated?

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