Non-Fiction Writing Workshop on Travel

26 October, 27 October, Locatie: WORM Rotterdam

To write is to travel: Extra Extra welcomes you to our non-fiction writing workshops and online masterclasses.  We developed a programme around the theme of travel, that reflects on news ways of travelling and the ways you can relate to this in non-fiction writing.

The workshops, which are all fully Covid-proof, enable you to gain intellectual and practical skills to produce non-fiction writing as part of your creative practice, guided by established writers and thinkers from the fields of design and literature. Each of them covers a different approach to the theme of travel in relation to the sensual city.


In the workshop Mapping the Body on Monday morning, the participants are guided by academic/writer Mia You. The record of travelling, moving yourself and leaving behind what you know, is conveyed through language. The effects of physical transmissions – from kissing to breathing – that take place between the people we met in the places we travelled to, are the subject of this workshop. Mia You guides you to use elements such as tone, mood and description to further develop your own voice within non-fiction writing.

On Monday afternoon, Extra Extra hosts two online masterclasses by The Happy Reader-editor-in-chief Seb Emina and essayist Kevin Breathnach. The 40-minute talks will bring a deeper understanding on their practice, and offers an inside perspective on contemporary non-fiction writing. In his masterclass The True Naxos, Seb Emina explores how travel writing, next to a being genre, can also be a methodology. In the masterclass Speaking in Travelling Tongues, Kevin Breathnach discusses strategies with which writers might escape their own language. The masterclasses will be followed by a moderated discussion.

In the Tuesday morning workshop titled Travelling Through Networks, the participants are guided by designer/writer Vincent Thornhill, who looks at travel through the ubiquitous presence of communication technologies. Writing exercises provide a framework to highlight intimacy as part of the informational structure.

Academic/writer Anouk Hoogendoorn guides the participants in the Tuesday afternoon workshop Commuting and Reinventing Distances. Every day, we travel from home to work and back. The distances between departure and destination in this commuting are reinvented through writing excercises, leading to a non-fiction writing practice that is ever moving.

Given Covid-19, the masterclasses will take place on Zoom, and are available to view from any possible location. Participants who join the Thursday-workshop are welcome to stay at the venue to collectively view the masterclasses. Next to this, Extra Extra hosts a live screening of the masterclasses at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.
Single workshop + masterclasses: €35,-
Passe-partout [3 workshops + masterclasses]: €90,-
Live masterclass viewing at Mediamatic, Amsterdam: €12,50
Online masterclass viewing: €8,-

Feel free to register for more than one workshop.
All workshop participants have free access to the masterclasses.

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Workshop: Mapping the Body by Mia You + masterclasses
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Workshop : Travelling Through Networks by Vincent Thornhill + masterclasses
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Workshop: Commuting and Reinventing Distances by Anouk Hoogendoorn + masterclasses
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Online Masterclasses: Seb Emina & Kevin Breathnach
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