Extra Extra Radio Show #19

25 August, 12:30, www.nts.live


Dear listener, in this electrifyingly charged episode of the Extra Extra Radio Show, we dip our toes into deceptively exciting new surroundings: a sibling of The City, let’s say, an uncle of the urban, a mate of the metropolis. Your host, guide and favourite after-dinner cheeseboard Michael brings us to Suburbiaburbville, where the condom flavour of the day is always apple (hey, it tastes good with the cheeseboard)….

The show is written and performed by Dan Fox and Michael Portnoy in close collaboration with Loes Verstappen who selected the music, and Monte Masi. Voice acting by Thomas Dudkiewicz, Dan Fox, Michael Portnoy, Loveday Smith and Johnny Vivash. Editing and sound design by Tobias Withers. Artwork by Joost Halbertsma.