Extra Extra Playlist #43

17 July, Online

Listen here – There’s an irresistible sensuality to the way you move, the rhythm with which you sway to the sounds of our neighbourhood. This playlist elevates the beats we unconsciously conjure as we get on with our days to add some extra groove to your ever-so-sexy demeanour. The swift riffs of the electric guitar in Henry Flynt’s ‘Dreams Away’ invite you to have a saucy conversation with music, provoking you to move your hips in circular motions as the tempo speeds up and slows down. As we find ourselves endlessly bouncing to the sounds and melodies of each song, the titillating sounds of the saxophone in Yasuaki Shimizu and the Saxophonettes’ ‘Hebitsukai’ remind us to take a breath, to embrace each other and slow dance into the night.