Extra Extra Night #3

15 March, 2019, King Kong Hostel Witte de Withstraat 74

Welcome to Extra Extra Night. Throughout this night of extravaganza at Hotel King Kong, people come and people go. Yet there is always a feeling that stays, wanders and transforms, lightly touching you and stirring up desires which usually remain hidden beneath the surface — feelings worth embracing. Extra Extra celebrates the thrill of unrestrained urban pleasures and explores the hotel as the setting of a sultry one-night stand. The once tattoo shop, illegal casino and infamous brothel, now turned into the fabulous Hotel King Kong, will form the setting of this erotic night. Along the hallways, in hidden rooms and under the bed sheets, Extra Extra brings art, literature, performance, music and cinema to the upper floor of sensuality.


Readings and interviews hosted by Elfie Tromp. With: Philip Huff, Persis Bekkering and Frank Siera

Beds are like writing tables. To allure your imagination and trigger unsuspected fantasies, novelists and playwrights Persis Bekkering, Philip Huff and Frank Siera read their erotic short stories, a literary series on the hotel commissioned by Extra Extra. After each reading, Elfie Tromp interviews the writers on the ways in which the hotel is an archetype for creating stories of sensuality. In Dutch.

Raga Ensemble

  • 20:30 – 21:00 | Room 2.05
Two evening concerts of the Raga Ensemble performing Indian classical music with subtle hints of Iran and Afghanistan. That feeling of love with your special someone is always incomplete without a heartfelt ghazal to listen to. Performed by Devi Jagmohan and Deniz Moreo on vocals, Hamid Reza Behzadian on slide guitar and Samim Daud on tabla.

Performative readings by Linar Ogenia

Actor Linar Ogenia performs short stories by Elfie Tromp and Nina de la Parra. Find them in the beds of the King Kong Hotel Loft, and follow the movement of their words. In English.

Elfie Tromp interviews designer Marga Weimans and artists Rory Pilgrim and Susie Green

The city dwellers Marga Weimans, Rory Pilgrim and Susie Green Wang share some secrets of affection with Elfie Tromp between the sheets of King Kong. Eavesdrop on intimate conversations in the female dormitory. Fashion designer Marga Weimans is a nightlife aficionado, dressing the luxuriant and sophisticated bar flies that are our city’s edgy agents of change. Rory Pilgrim and Susie Green are connoisseurs of the intimate and the refined, who both consider questions around intimacy. In Dutch and English.

Performance by Mette Sterre - 'Too Much Fingerlicking Fingering'

  • Ongoing | Room 2.01
Imagine a body suit touching you, wanting you so much. Mette Sterre performs 'Too Much Fingerlicking Fingering' and creates a daring haptic feeling never felt before. You will never touch upon things in the same way.

Amat Escalante - 'La Region Salvaje' (98 min.)

  • Ongoing | Communal lounge
This film screening is an occasion to lay down with a friend or lover in a darker room and meet again through a visual scenery of pure redemption. Let yourself be bamboozled by Amat Esacalante's 'La Region Salvaje' (Mexico, 2015), an erotic sci-fi film about lust and danger that combines domestic realism and a tentacular sex monster.

Performance by Vaiva Paukste, Ivan Winter and Tjon Zomer - 'Kapsalon #2'

  • The washing room
Is there a need for more haircuts to boost our serotonin levels? Tjon Rockon and his companions make you feel good, so good. Come and find their hidden kapsalon for the most immaculate haircuts and smoking shaves.

Michael Portnoy – 'Instructions on Getting Closer to Your City'

  • Ongoing | Room 1.07
Listen to Michael Portnoy's witty and whimsical 'Instructions on Getting Closer to Your City'. A series of audio tours to find your third ear before going to the nightclub or the airport. Playfully wander through words experimenting with urban shame and other glints of the city.

Jivan’s Massage

  • Ongoing | Lovers Loft
Surrender yourself to ultimate relaxation. Enjoy a foot massage by Jivan and, in the meantime, read our brand new magazine, which is available for a reduced price.

Launch of Extra Extra #12

  • Ongoing | Lobby
Over the course of the night we are celebrating the launch of Extra Extra Magazine No. 12. Like a lover which settles in the back of your mind, waiting to grow into an ever present fascination, the newest edition of Extra Extra will make announced appearances until slowly you can no longer resist its captivating charm.

DJs Ofra and Suze Ijó

  • 20:00 – late | Lobby
Operator Radio presents DJs Ofra (20:00 - 21:30) and Suze Ijó (21:30 - 23:00) for an all night party in the foyer. Ofra will take you on a seductive journey while sippin’ some electro, wave and synthpop music. Suze loves dancing and bringing people together. She plays good grooves and warm vibes.