Extra Extra Club #8

15 December, 20:00, Amore Tiendplein 1A, Rotterdam

Of course we have all heard about Weelde, that beautiful oasis with its rough edges that combines, music, art & food in the industrial Merwe-Vierhavens area in the far west of Rotterdam. But did you already have the pleasure to fall in love with Amore, the new brainchild of Kim Pieters & Kelly Vincent, the founders of Weelde? Amore is located in an equally rough-edged but much more central part of the city: the Tiendplein located along the beautiful and notorious West-Kruiskade.

In real Rotterdam tradition, Amore describes itself in a simple and to the point manner: “Amore Rotterdam is a bar on “De Kruiskade” where you can sit down, relax, party, eat and drink.” And though all of this of course is true, on this evening, during edition 8 of Club Extra Extra, we will add something spicy to the mix: Grande Loge (grandeloge.nl) has invited the artists SOME, Wowi and Josimar Gomes to perform throughout the evening.

Come join us December 15 (20:00h) at Amore (Tiendplein 10, Rotterdam) for an evening of great music, food, drinks & dancing!

This event is free of charge but we would appreciate it if you would sign up so we can make an estimate of the people that will be joining us. Every visitor will get a welcome drink and snacks will be available!

Sign up here:

Josimar Gomes Josimar Gomes is a versatile Rotterdam-based artist and host also known for his many other creative outlets, such as his performance art in the Rotterdam theatre scene. Grown to be a diverse musician who can express himself in every genre his roots extend to, he effortlessly blends funk, soul, R&B and hip hop, speaking about love, self-acceptance and social issues such as the black experience. In 2021 and 2022, Josimar Gomes toured the Netherlands for the first time with the Popronde and 3VOOR12, performing in 15 cities across the country. Now that his tour is over, Josimar is focusing on his next record, which is set to be released in 2023. Wowi Rovan Simmons aka Wowi was born in Curaçao and raised in Schiedam. With his deep voice, Wowi doesn’t just rap – he also hits the high notes comfortably. Be prepared for a spectacle, with joyfulness and dancing 100% guaranteed. SOME A feminist at heart, SOME has a unique and recognisable voice with a raw edge. Mixing pop and urban, she has collabs lined up with Universal Music, Left Lane Recordings and Rotterdam Airlines. Her individuality came through in full force during her performance at Popronde 2021 and 2022 and multiple Amsterdam Pride events.