Extra Extra Club #8

15 December, 20:00, Amore Tiendplein 1A, Rotterdam

We invite everyone that worked with or for Extra Extra Magazine last year to join us for a special evening at Amore, Rotterdam, on the 15th of December.

Of course we have all heard about Weelde, that beautiful oasis with its rough edges that combines, music, art & food in the industrial Merwe-Vierhavens area in the far west of Rotterdam. But did you already have the pleasure to fall in love with Amore, the new brainchild of Kim Pieters & Kelly Vincent, the founders of Weelde? Amore is located in an equally rough-edged but much more central part of the city: the Tiendplein located along the beautiful and notorious West-Kruiskade.

In real Rotterdam tradition, Amore describes itself in a simple and to the point manner: “Amore Rotterdam is a bar on “De Kruiskade” where you can sit down, relax, party, eat and drink.” And though all of this of course is true, on this evening, during edition 8 of Club Extra Extra, we will add something spicy to the mix: two musical performances programmed by Grande Loge (grandeloge.nl).

Come join us December 15 at Amore (Tiendplein 10, Rotterdam) for an evening of great music, food, drinks & dancing!