Club Extra Extra

23 March, 19:00, Kiosk Rotterdam (& De Boog Printshop) Voorburgstraat 205, Rotterdam

Snaking its way through the North of Rotterdam for over a hundred years is the former Hofbogen railway viaduct: the longest monumental building in the Netherlands. Tucked in the depths of its cavernous arches is a labyrinthine print shop, piled high with four decades worth of flyers, posters, pamphlets and long-forgotten love letters – each telling a hidden history of their own. Once inside, you will find an eclectic bookstore, brimming with carefully curated stories and ideas – it is here, dear visitor, that your adventure will begin.

On Wednesday 23rd of March, Club Extra Extra will kindly be hosted by Kiosk Rotterdam for a special event inspired by our feature ‘News from Home’, hinting towards Chantal Akermans gorgeous epistolory film. Where did you last lock eyes with a stranger? What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve overheard on the metro? What’s the sleaziest street in your neighbourhood?

Sensational spoken word artist Siham Amghar will read from her own ‘News from Home’ piece that she wrote for Extra Extra No. 17, in which she left post-it notes to lovers and strangersacross the city.

Taking cues from a series of readings from Extra Extra magazine, Philippa Driest from Kiosk will activate the surroundings by leading a collaborative printmaking session. Share your most salacious stories and hidden adventures from across our hometown of Rotterdam on your very own post-it notes, to be included in a special risograph print to take home.

What’s more, you’ll have the chance to have a sneak peek of our brand-new issue of Extra Extra Magazine, hot off the press!