Club Extra Extra

13 April, 19:00, Cinerama Westblaak 18, Rotterdam

Club Extra Extra returns this month on April 13th for a special one-off screening of The Ornithologist (2016) from daringly original Portugese director João Pedro Rodrigues, with an extra special live introduction by Hugo Emmerzael, film critic and editor of Filmkrant. Taking place in the iconic Cinerama Filmtheatre, this quirky venue has a history of showing films to the Rotterdam public on this site since 1958.
An erotically charged and subversive take on the story of St Anthony of Padua, The Ornithologist centres around a bird-watcher named Fernando, who gets swept away by rapids while looking for black storks while on a kayaking trip in the north of Portugal. From being rescued and later tied up by two lost Chinese pilgrims to a sexual encounter with a young goat herder, the remainder of the film is dreamily erotic, ambiguously ritualistic, and at times beautifully borders on the surreal.

João Pedro Rodrigues sat down with Extra Extra contributor Paul Dallas back in Extra Extra No. 4 to discuss the film, as well as the relationship between time and eroticism, birdwatching and cruising, and the erotic subversion of historical narratives.

*Please note the film will be screened in its original language with English subtitles.