Club Extra Extra #6

17 November, 19:30-23:00, MONO Vijverhofstraat 15, Rotterdam

Club Extra Extra #6 will be held at MONO, a danceable bar located in the Zomerhofkwartier in Rotterdam.

We start the evening by indulging in a delicious dinner, accompanied by a top-notch live act that will tingle all your senses.

In his performance Mathieu Wijdeven* will introduce you to the sensual world of being eaten… We only know two actions at the dinner table; the food is being served and eaten. But… how does the food experience this moment? What if the bread roll and the salad could share their experiences with us? What is it like, being served, ingested through the mouth, and merging together inside this human body?

After dinner, we’ll move the tables from the dance floor and continue into the night.

*Due to unforeseen circumstances de Transmissie had to cancel their performance.