Club Extra Extra #5
Nadine Botha, Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Belotti

16 December, 2019, Office Studio Ossidiana Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam

“So the sugar bells might ring the sugar shaker while the sugar musket ploughs the sugar muffin, but the sugar pearl is the true route to sugar blasting.”


You are warmly invited to the fifth Club Extra Extra, hosted by Studio Ossidiana's Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Bellotti. Picture yourself in their captivating studio, which still whispers the mystical secret oaths of the Freemasonry. We bathe in chocolate and we like an extra spoonful of sugary sweetness in our coffee. But it isn’t all delight, as we learn from Nadine Botha’s essay 'Sweet Nothings', in which she explores both the sensual elements of the sweet substance and its addictive effects. Tonight, surround yourself by Studio Ossidiana's otherworldy architecture while drifting along to writer Nadine Botha's sweet voice.