Club Extra Extra #11 – Literary Pub Crawl w/ Poetry International

10 June, Rotterdam-Zuid

We invite you to join us during Poetry International for a literary pub crawl past some of the iconic and cozy neighborhood bars of Rotterdam-Zuid.

After meeting up and getting acquainted while we enjoy a drink we will take a nice stroll past the scenic route along the south bank of the mighty and imposing Maas river. During the walk we will stop at a well curated selection of some of the oldest and most inviting local bars, where a fine selection of prose writers, poets and spoken word artists await to delight you with the recitation of works that they wrote especially for this day. The work that you will hear all has the same point of departure: the name of the bar you will hear it in, but as can be expected, from there we can go to places we could have never imagined…

The bars we visit during the walk are part of the cultural heritage of the district due to their design and neighborhood function. Through the route on Rotterdam South, the walkers form a chain of stories from bar to bar, whereby step by step during the walk, they gain a poetic awareness of the everyday, of themselves and the sensual city.

Readings are performed by Femke van de Griendt, Hasan Gök, Mahat Arab, Nour Jordan, Plonia Westendorp and Puck Füsers – wonderful writers, poets and spoken word artists who showcase the power of words, the poetic essence of mundane life.

There are two different time slots for which you can get a ticket (starting 17.00 or starting 17.30). Starting and end point of the pub crawl will be Café ‘t Buisie, Van der Takstraat 48