Club Extra Extra #1
Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Paul Gerretsen and Cathy Jacob

08 March, 2019, Columeta Building Eendrachtsweg 50, Rotterdam

Dear city dwellers, dear fashion lovers, Do you recognize this feeling of the touch of a certain piece of clothing on your skin, triggering warm, affectionate memories? Have you ever been to a house that tells more stories than there are windows? Houses, like clothing have something of the past to do with futurity. Doors like pockets value the personal aspects of our lives, the ones that slip into joyful feelings.


For the first edition of Club Extra Extra, we are delighted to have Anja Aronowsky Cronberg (Founding Editor of Vestoj) presenting her new essay 'Saudade: An Echo of the Past in the Future', commissioned by Extra Extra. Anja brings a selection of clothing from her personal wardrobe as sensorial excerpts to address the way clothes seduce us through the stories they tell. Like a dark green velvet dress brushing against the fissures of a wooden flooring.

Hosts Cathy Jacob and Paul Gerretsen open up their beautiful house, the Columeta building at Eendrachtsweg. Still in the process of renovation, they will introduce the colour scheme artist Peter Struycken designed for the interior of their home.

Limited capacity of 30 people